Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24, 2010

I was with my parents in San Antonio. We had a recipe for thai chili shrimp that we were going to try. Of course, I was going to replace the shrimp with tofu for my version. We had all the ingredients ready, or so we thought. We lacked one thing. That one thing was coconut milk. We sent my dad to the store and he returned with a can of...

...coconut cream. The kind of stuff you use for mixed drinks or pies. He felt like a moron. If there's anything that kills me to see, it's my dad feeling like a moron. He's absolutely brilliant, and generally avoids mistakes such as this one, which is why it gets his goat, to employ his oft-used expression.

We used the coconut cream and had thai chili-sweet tofu and shrimp. It was quite good. We all said how little the minor snafu had caused.

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