Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9, 2010

I was at Monte Alban, a large mountain upon which exist ruins of a city of the Zapotecs, which was then inhabited by Olmecs, Aztecs, and maybe others subsequent to that. Really amazing stuff. I walked the grounds, which included some piramides, religious buildings, a ball court, domiciles, and others. I bought my dad a small statue from a fella walking the grounds. He was about 200 years old, and a meter tall.

Upon leaving, I visited the museum and gift shop. I wanted to purchase an informational packet with which I could further learn about Monte Alban and its interesting inhabitation. I bought an information packet. I learned later that it was written in French. I don't read French. I didn't read French at the time. In all likelihood, I'll never read French. It does me less than great. My face was, and is currently, beet red.