Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 26, 2011

I'm walking back into Mrs. O'Katy's English class in 7th grade.  I'm wearing a black t-shirt with nothing on it.  Or so I thought. 

My friend Nick Ralls, who had been my best friend earlier for many years, had something to say to me.  He said, "You have a grape on your shirt." 

I looked down, and sure enough there was something on my shirt that didn't belong, only it wasn't a grape.  I imagine he was thinking about the middle portion of a grape; that part that sometimes is connected to the stem when you yank it off. 

I immediately wished it was a grape, realizing it was a rather large booger from my nose.  I have no clue as to how long it was there, and I wondered how many people had seen it and how many people had heard of it. 

To this day, I question Nick's intention in identifying the object as a "grape."  I have two thoughts, though there are likely myriad possibilities. 

First, he knew it was a booger.  He, possibly in light of his increased acceptance in social circles, and combined with my relative social stagnancy, decided to break it to me in a way that would make me feel less embarrassed.  While this seems somewhat unlikely, I've always appreciated his kindness and caring towards me in struggling times. 

Second, he thought it was a grape. 

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