Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7, 2011

I was playing hockey.  I was playing with my friends in front of Yolanda's yard.  One of us had skates.  We would rotate skates.  The others ran.  It was quite cold.  We were young and playing with a ball.  The ball was plastic, a very hard plastic.  Given the hardness of the plastic and the cold weather, conditions were just right for what happened next.

I was in Yolanda's yard fetching the ball after a wayward shot.  I chipped the ball from the tall grass.  It hit my friend Nick square in the nose.  It was seemingly painful for him, and his blood dripped from the nostril.  He was upset and the tears in his eyes could have been a mixture of pain, anger, and physiological reaction to being bopped in the honker. 

I felt bad, but only after I stopped feeling competitive towards everybody.

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